October VIP Bling Buzz

October means that autumn is officially in full swing! Our eyes are seeing orange, black, and warm neutrals while our minds are wandering towards Halloween, festive costume parties, trick-or-treating, candy corn, pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin… everything!!  Here at Cate & Chloe, we can’t decide what’s more exciting: the pumpkin extravaganza or the immense amount of fashion possibilities that opened up with these amazing fall accessories!

In the end, accessories always win but what does this all mean in the world of fashion? It means that the time has come to throw on those chunky sweaters and coats, pants and leggings, sneakers and knee-high boots, and those over-sized totes! Bigger is definitely better this season and it’s best to accessorize this oversized trend with dangly earrings, colored stones, statement pieces, and long pendant necklaces! Fall has always been a neutrals season but colored stone jewelry is perfect for adding just a splash of color- and don’t you worry! Cate & Chloe has you covered on all accounts! 

Jewelry Tip of the Month:

Have you ladies been neglecting your jewelry? Don’t worry, we won’t tell… but your jewelry might! Here are just a few tips on how to keep your jewelry nice and clean and always looking fabulous! Please do keep in mind that jewelry differs from each other, so their cleaning methods do as well!

Colored Stones: To clean your beautiful colored stone pieces you should dip them in warm water and gently scrub with a soft-bristled tooth brush, rinse again with warm water, and air dry. Do not bring your colored stone jewelry pieces into contact with cleaning solutions as this may discolor the stones! 

Perk of the Month:

So we told you how to clean your jewelry… but what will you use?? Help is on the way! This month’s perk of the month is your very own Cate & Chloe wipe cloth to keep your jewelry pieces looking fresh and fab this season!! So no excuses ladies!! 

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