Fall In Love with these 5 Jewelry Trends for Your Autumn Wardrobe

Fall is a beautiful season full of colors and high spirits. The amazing weather is probably a good reason to get out of your house and dress up. You can call up your friends, make plans to meet up for dinner, or probably go out clubbing. The shenanigans of pre-drinking and dressing up each other before going out is also a thing that no one misses out on. 

While going through the various options of accessories you own to go with your dresses your mind would definitely wander to the latest trends surrounding jewelry. The ‘bling’ definitely contributes to the panache and the look you want to pull off for the desired occasion. 

So let’s go through some trends that are suggested by some leading fashion bloggers and jewelry designers.

Sizeable Hoops

Earings are not a new trend and neither is variation in their make and color. Women spend hours simply trying on different types of earrings but there is something new in-store that they might not have tried.

We are talking about huge hoops that recently have become a trend. When we say huge we actually mean huge. These hoops can be almost half the size of your face or even larger. They come in all colors and varied weights but most of them are lightweight so as to not compromise on comfort. When it comes to the color, golden, silver and bronze have been seen more on models and influencers. These colors apparently go well with the colors of autumn and can be easily paired up with a lot of types of dresses.

Precious Stones and Pearls

Necklaces have a whole different charm to them. They are a mark of panache and class if worn the right way with the right things. The trends surrounding necklaces have been seeing a lot of changes recently with modern influences infusing a minimalistic designing spree.

Though when we check out the trends for autumn we see that things are quite opposite. Minimalism goes out of the window and classic materials and trends start influencing the choices of people. 

Pearls and precious gemstones can be seen studded in long and spread-out necklaces. Ruby, jade, and other such colorful stones are being paired up with huge pearls in artistic designs and patterns. 

People are also seen wearing a lot of simple but elegant pearl necklaces during this season. Even though such pearl necklaces were seen to be a thing for the elder age group, teenagers have been seen carrying such classic jewelry with ease and style.

Dear Old Gold

We all know the value of gold. Our precious metal on earth signifies prosperity and beauty in a way that no other thing can. Gold and fashion go hand in hand and go way back into history. We have been melting and molding gold into jewelry for ages but it should not be astonishing to you to see it stick around even today. In the season of autumn gold jewelry, especially gold nose pins and nose rings are rising on the trend chart. According to experts at C&C, white gold is also quite in these days.

The golden or white element goes surprisingly well with the hues of autumn and the noserings are simply a new style statement that is explored a little less by the masses when compared to other accessories. Thus it is worth trying out these nose-related accessories to make your glamorous evening even better.

Silver Lining

After gold came another metal which was highly valued but maybe not as much as the golden one. Silver jewelry made waves in the fashion industry from time to time and was also quick to die out very quickly. This was probably because silver does not go with all the seasons. We know this much for sure that the seasons majorly affect the type of jewelry trend that people follow. Autumn might, in a way, be complementing the silver outlook for fashion statements as the rise of silver jewelry during this time can not be ignored.

Silver bracelets, chokers, earrings, and other types of jewelry are being seen on teenagers and grown-ups alike. Such jewelry is being seen in all types of events and occasions. Be it a dinner, a concert, a festival, or a night of hardcore clubbing, all these places are perfect for flashing some classy silver jewelry.

Boho Statement

The boho statement or the Bohemian style is basically an eclectic mix of colors and patterns. A newly found fashion statement that is being hyped up a lot with the modern cultures is probably a new favorite for people who are into nature and its conservation. Bohemian style is not easy to pull off and requires a certain ‘vibe’ in the person to look good.
Similarly, bohemian jewelry is not something easy to match with your clothes either. If you want to buy a ton of it, you can wait for the Fall Sale to get some really good pieces. Bohemian jewelry is full of eccentric colors and patterns which will only make sense if the right kind of clothes is worn with them. Surprisingly the masses have passed the vibe check and autumn is expected to blow up with people sporting bohemian style jewelry and clothes.

Jewelry trends are not the most important thing to be discussing these days with so much going on in the world but it is also not something that can be ignored. What to wear according to the trends is a question that the majority of the public thinks about every day. It declares a certain flow of things in the fashion industry, which is big and influential, and discussing trends help put the minds of lost-fashion souls at ease.

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