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During this limbo phase of the year, styling can be tricky. While we've accepted the fact that summer is winding down, the heat wave that is sweeping the nation sure suggests otherwise.

No need to worry - there will be ample opportunities to flaunt your fall-wear. It is still completely appropriate (and certainly more comfortable) to wear your lightweight summer attire. To maintain that feeling of ease and comfort, you should pair with accessories that are just as free flowing!

This Look of the Week, Natural Accents, is the perfect easy going pairing to toss on during this transitional time. A lovely fall go-to, embodying the colorful leafy scenery we enjoy in the Autumn months. Similarly, the layered chain and stacked rings remain in tune with trendy summer boho vibes, making this LOTW a must-have seasonally versatile combo!

Ashlyn "Nature" Double Strand Leaf Necklace - $25.00

Kara "Pristine" Stacked Ring Set - $23.00




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