Latest Wedding Jewelry Trends 2018

Bridal jewelry has been around since early times. It has evolved from ancient braided grass and hay to modern fine designs made of precious gems and metals. Weddings are among the grandest and special occasions in people's lives. It is not only a celebration to unite two individuals in a holy matrimony, but also to unite the two families.

Cate & Chloe offers a large selection of jewelry accessories for modern and vintage bridal looks.


You have to select your wedding ring that should match with your wedding gown, and suits your face as well along with the other bridal accessories you are wearing. The earrings should be such that you can also wear them even after the wedding. By far, Diamond studs and pearl earrings are the most preferred choice for the occasion and pace with the trends. The simplicity and elegance they exude are unmatched by any other type of earrings. Visit Cate & Chloe bridal jewelry store to find the best earrings for your wedding.


You can find different types of wedding bracelets available online. And the wedding bracelets usually come with different metals – silver, gold, and platinum. Nowadays, white gold is a trend.  From a simple and plain design in silver to a well-crafted and intricate design in gold. Find the simply effortless, classic, and unique bracelets in Cate & Chloe’s bridal jewelry store.

“Just saw these on TV the other day and I had to have them. They were even prettier when I received them, I've been wearing them to the office every day this week and getting compliments all the time. Definitely recommend.” – Jenna S.


Wedding rings are the pieces of evidence of marriage. Women are more conscious about the design of the rings compared to other pieces of jewelry as it is the main jewelry for weddings. However, a few of the ring designs got the popularity and they come with diamond and platinum rings. Cate & Chloe’s bridal jewelry store is the collection of latest jewelry rings that will suit with your style within affordable prices.


Another important jewelry of wedding occasion is necklaces, as it portraits a complete image of the bride. There are many different types of wedding necklaces for a bride to consider and what is important is that it will look perfect on her as well as gorgeous with her dress. Wedding necklaces can range from sparkly crystal necklaces and sparkly bridal jewelry made with Swarovski crystals to prestigious pearl necklaces which come in many different shapes and styles. The choices are endless. Discover latest bridal jewelry trends by Cate & Chloe

Cate & Chloe provides the finest bridal jewelry and exceptional services at affordable prices. Shop everything bridal including luxury wedding earrings, necklaces, bangles, and rings.

“I originally bought these for my best friend’s wedding last year in white gold and got so many compliments. Since then Cate and Chloe launched them in so many beautiful colors so I bought them all as stocking stuffer gifts for my mom and friends.” – Amanda M.

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