Tips for accessorizing for weddings with jewelry.

Wedding season is just around the corner and everyone desires to look their best. One has to take care of a lot of things while creating a wedding look and outfit from styling their hair to the kind of shoes they are going to wear. Mostly among women, it is very important to look their best as they say a woman's jewelry increases her beauty by a hundred percent. Thus it is important to choose the right jewelry for the right outfit and neckline. You can buy jewelry from cateandchloe Jewellery store at affordable prices. Thus a little guidance from which can do wonders and make you look at your best. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind to make you look ravishing and elegant this wedding season.

Keeping the jewelry to a minimum - Gone are the days when wearing heavy jewelry was in vogue as nowadays young women prefer light jewelry so as to carry it easily with any dress and enjoy the wedding to the fullest. This also makes the outfit appeal more and the focus is on the outfit. Adding more jewelry can make you look as if you have overdone it or you are showing off. So you can wear a gold plated pendant or a necklace from Swarovski which you can buy from cate and chloe at an amazing price. This would make you look elegant and trendy and are a fit for marriages.

Matching jewelry with the outfit - If you are looking for going bold with your jewelry choices and adding shimmer and shine to your outfit then you can buy the bold jewelry. You must keep in mind the color choices you make with your outfit such as while wearing a white gown or dress, you should go for platinum or silver jewelry as it enhances the show of the outfit. However, if your gown is creamy or ivory in color then you can go for gold jewelry as it compliments the look. Similarly, it is important to keep in mind the color contrast of the outfit along with the jewelry. You can get jewelry ideas from

Wearing the jewelry according to neckline - The outfit or dress neckline is an important factor in deciding the overall jewelry type to be worn with the outfit whether it should be light or heavy. So if you are going for a strapless neckline dress, you should go for a choker set or a light neckpiece so that the show of the outfit is not dimmed. Everyone would notice your smile first and it would make you look confident and elegant. Also, you can skip the choker part and add a few chandelier earrings or big earrings to your outfit. Finish this look by leaving your hair open and adding a few flowers to your hair to give it a fresh floral touch. Even for a V - neck dress, you can go for a choker. You can also add glitter to your dress by wearing studs by Mia Diamond. These will make your dress look shimmery and shiny.

Filter your search - If you have a little budget in which you can either go for a gown or jewelry which is out of your budget, you must set your priorities first. You can either reduce the price range of your preferred dress or go for heavy jewelry. This will help you pick the right combination of dress and jewelry. You can wear simple studs to finish any outfit.

Be confident -  Your confidence is the only attire that is going to stay with you forever. At the end of the day what matters is that you carry whatever you are wearing confidently and elegantly. Thus it is not important to wear heavy pieces of jewelry in order to show off for a day. But to wear whatever you have in your set budget and look your best. If you feel happy in what you wear, your outfit will add a charm to it. Look stylish and confident at the same time with exotic jewelry collection from Cate and Chole.


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